Sunday, February 8, 2009

Night Before Take Off

Well everyone, the fateful night has arrived. (it's about time if you ask me!) But its the night before take off, and I think I can speak for myself, Emily, and Chelsea that we are ready to finally leave. We're all packed up, granted it took Emily 3 or 4 times to finally get it together, and headed to bed shortly in hopes that tomorrow morning will come a little faster. Tomorrow is going to be a very long day.
We depart from KCI at about 10 am, fly to Chicago where we have about a 2 hour lay over, then fly to New York, have an hour lay over and finally at 5:30 we're destined for Rome, Italy. (8 1/2 hours after take off of course)
Its going to be a long day, but totally worth it. Landing in Rome and gathering our luggage will be quite interesting, hopefully we'll find someone to point to us in the right direction. (please keep your fingers crossed for us)

We plan on keeping everyone here in the States posted via this blog. We'll put up pictures and give all the insights into our trip, the goods and the bads. As my mom said, "just remeber, no matter how frusrated you get, its all an adventure."

Farwell until we arrive at the villa in Florence!

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  1. I'm the first follower!!! holler!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    love you guys bunches and ill pray for your crazy travelness whoopdie whoo
    sweet pic btw you big dorks, so juvenille! haha jk, 2 pretty faces in one blog it's almost too hott to handle :)

    oh and kate tell your mom that her quote is fabulous! love it! haha what a great lady
    ok caio for now