Monday, February 23, 2009

1st Major Vacation (Kate's Way)

Well, this blog is just about the last weekend I had. Emily and I went our seperate ways so she'll be adding her 2 cents worth soon enough.

But this last Friday I left for Venice. The trip there was kind of long, but well worth it; it was nice to get out of Florence!

When we got off the train and walked out of the station, its was pretty much awesome. Right in front of us was a canal and tons of boats. Also, it's been Carnivale for the last week and a half, so there were lots of people, most of which were dressed up in costumes. Before we wanted to take in the town, we decided to rest so we headed straight for our hotel.

Lets just say, public transportaion SUCKS! The bus driver said he would tell us which stop to get off at, well he was off by about 1 1/2 miles... Dont' worry though, we're smart kids and found our way. (a couple wrong directions and 30 min later) Our hotel was only for 4 people. Well we had 5, and planned on working the system. Our room was on the ground floor, but unfortunately there was only 2 ways in and both lead straight to the lobby where the "Man" was watching like a hawk. Luckily, again, we were on the first floor and had a window with no screen. So Rachel, one of the girls I traveled with, willing climbed in and out of the window for the remainder of the trip.

We spent the evening walking around Venice, which is very easy to get lost in. There aren't as many canals as one would assume, just lots of little, narrow walk ways. Its like being in a very large maze. So the night was just a lot of walking around in circles, and a lot of stairs. It was pretty, and nice not to have any particular destination. We did enjoy some very awesome pizza!! P.s. We were in bed by 1030. (we're getting old)

Saturday morning we left the hotel by 930. We got to the bus stop which was crawling with people. Our bus pulled up, absolutely packed with people, of course everyone attempted to shove on while we watched. Go figure, only like 5 people managed to fit. We waited another half hour for the next bus, no suprise though, also jam-packed... Well we attempted to squeeze on, and we all made it but one, therefore we all got off for sake of the group. So we went for another walk to a different stop where we did finally get on a bus. This is justification why public transportation is horrible and we should appreciate having our own vehicles!

When we finally got to Venice, (or hotel was right outside town) we just spent the afternoon taking in the sites. There were puppet shows, street performers, and lots of breathtaking architechture. Eventually making our way to the far side of Venice, we looked over the Adriactic sea. Talk about a beautiful sight. That was pretty much the best part of the whole trip. After that, we were all pretty tired and just headed back to the train station, where we sat on the steps in front for 2 hours watching a Native American "Band."

The trip was a great experience, even if the town was a lot different than how its portrayed in movies or stories. However, Venice is a must see while in Italy.

This is only the beginning of a long semester, and I hope your all ready to experience the trip vicariously. Miss you guys, and take care!

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  1. KZack, sounds like you're having a great time...but going to bed at 10:30???? I assume you mean 10:30am. Ha! Love reading the blogs. I look forward to hearing from EWright soon.