Monday, March 2, 2009

Pisa & Venice!!!!!!

Two weekends ago when Kate went to Venice I was in Pisa...I'm not going to lie it wasn't the greatest, The leaning tower of Pisa was pretty cool...we also went to visit the Mediterranean Sea that was VERY VERY Awesome!!!! I traveled with Jen, Reese, Joe, Claire and Leanna. I was sick on Saturday so that same group went to Siena which I heard was awesome, but I stayed home and slept all was needed.

This past weekend I traveled to Venice with Jen, Claire, Reese, and Joe. We left Saturday Morning and made it to Venice around 2:30. We had made plans to stay at a Chinese hostel...we arrived to the hostel but they wouldn't answer the bell so we had to resort to finding a hotel. We paid for a hotel room with one queen bed and one twin bed for 80£. Me, Claire, Reese, and Jen all shared the queen bed we slept sideways on the bed...don't worry I called the wall side of the bed so I could face the wall and not look at anyone. I slept next to Jen...we lived together for a semester so she knows not to touch me so all was good!!! Venice was beautiful about 100 times better then Pisa, however, it was a lot dirtier then I expected but still really nice.

Reese and I woke up on Sunday feeling sick with the stomach flu. We weren't supposed to leave until 6pm but we wouldn't have arrived to our Villa until about 11:30. Reese and I decide to take our tickets to the train station around 1pm and look for a different train to catch. We found a train quickly from Venice to Bolgna but when we arrived in Bolgna we had to trade our tickets in for different ones in order to make it to Florence was a stressful process but Reese and I managed just fine. We took a crowed EuroStar(fast train) to Florence but I did not have a seat assigned to me which meant I got to sit on the floor between two trains along with 3 other people non of which spoke English it was VERY VERY awkard but another (becoming normal) european experience!!! We eventually arrived to Florence around 6pm so all and all the Venice trip was a success!!! We had a great time and made it home early.

This next weekend a group of us are going to Cinque Tera...Kate is also going which is GREAT for me because to be honest I had computers and Blogging and Kate can blog for the both of us Next Week!!!!

Kidding...sort of!!!

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  1. EWright,
    Sounds like you're having quite a European adventure.... I'm having an adventure trying to find what key to push to make that money currency symbol you displayed on your most recent post....I think your adventures are a little more fun. Stay healthy. Say hi to everyone. Love reading the blogs!